Invisibility 3D

Invisibility 3D with Augmented Reality lets you reach into virtual worlds with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch – while you apparently look right through its screen. Swing, tip, turn and even walk and paddle your iPad through a live augmented reality world on your table top. You can even hit a virtual ball with your iPad, roll it around a 3D game court, and score goals – all with realistic physics, collisions, shadows and sounds.

Invisibility 3D embodies a major advance in Augmented Reality – physically realistic worlds that let users reach in and play by tilting and turning in 3D. It turns your iOS device into a new kind of 3D gaming controller with its own beautiful screen.

• Game Court: your table now has a ball and ramp on it – and a hole in it. Can you score?
• 3D motion gestures: tip, turn, and rock your device to look around and hit the ball
• Walk your iPad or iPhone through an Augmented Reality world on your table
• Paddle: grab the screen with your thumb and swing from your wrist to hit the ball
• easy 3D touch navigation: Glide and Turn your device in the virtual world with 1 or 2 fingers
• stunning real-time 3D graphics seamlessly combines edgeless tiles, live video and more
• realistic physics with momentum, collisions, shadows, and sounds
• Invisibility illusions: rub your screen with bubbling acid to see into your device – or through it
• play on gorgeous 3D game courts made from your own photos

Simply take a photo from above your table and adjust it with a pinch. Invisibility 3D seamlessly combines rendered 3D virtual reality worlds with live camera imagery – to make magic. Thanks to Apple’s 3D gyroscopes and Levity Novelty’s patent-pending Pantomime™ technology, tipping and turning your iPad just makes the illusions more real.

Invisibility 3D knows how big your device is, where the screen is inside it, exactly how you’re turning it – and whether it’s resting on the table or in a paddle grip – to create realistic, gorgeous, responsive 3D worlds.

Illusions like Rub Away Your Screen and Rub Through Your Device let you see inside and through your iOS devices, as if a strange blue fluid is turning the screen and insides into clear glass. Look through your favorite iOS device – from the inside edges and chips inside, across the table, and through to the world beyond.
The original Invisibility app rocketed to #1 paid iPad entertainment app, but it only worked if the iPad was nearly flat; once you tipped it up, the trick was over.

With Invisibility 3D, tipping your iPad reveals a whole world, and the fun is just beginning.

For this limited time launch, Invisibility 3D is available for a reduced price. 

Invisibility 3D, a universal app, runs on every iOS device currently sold by Apple. It is recommended for the iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display, iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and the new iPod touch. (On the older iPhone/iPod 4 models, animation runs at a fraction of the full frame rate.)

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